Pumps, Valves & Motors

Hanif & Yousaf International Pvt Ltd. established in 2005 and achieved quantum growth in various fields. We have always committed ourselves to deliver the highest quality and achieve that client satisfaction through world class professional standards and efficiency. Presently working with government & private sector in different areas.

Low Pressure Centrifugal Pumps
Q (Discharge) Head Temp (Max) RPM
Up to 600 m3/hr Up to 102 Mtr -20Cto 140C 960 /1450/2900
Bore Hole Pumps , Submersible Pumps
Q (Discharge) Head RPM
Up to400 m3/hr Up to 240 m Up to 2900
Turbine Pumps
Q (Discharge) Head Temp (Max) RPM
Up to 2600 m3/hr Up to 160 m Up to 105C Up to 3500
Multi Stage High Pressure Pumps
Q (Discharge) Head Temp (Max) RPM
Up to 3600 m3/hr Up to 630 m -10C to 200C 1450/2900
Chemicals Pumps
Q (Discharge) Head Temp (Max) Material
300 gpm 150 m + 300 C
PVDF,PP, etc
Used for Nitric Acid upto 50% concentration For other acids, H2SO4, HCL, Brine, Acetates, chemical waste, etc  
Fire Fighting Pumps
Q (Discharge) Head Temp (Max) RPM
As per system requirement Up to 12 bar + 60 C 1450/2900