Metallographic Equipments

We are at the beginning of an economically sensitive era and H&Y International has never been better positioned to meet the needs of the thousands of customers who will join us and benefit from our vast array of testing, measurement and quality control technologies in the coming years. By offering the best value for the investment our customers make, H&Y will deliver state-of-the-art quality products and technologies that meet and exceed our customers requirements in the modern materials testing world .



  • Sample preparation, equipment for cutting, grinding and polishing specimen material (usually cross sectioning) prior to micro structural inspection.
  • Metallographic consumables for the sample preparation equipment including; cutoff wheels, saw blades, mounting compounds, grinding papers, polishing cloths and polishing suspensions.
  • Inspection and testing equipment including microscopes, image analyzers, video equipment, and hardness testers.

Abrasive Cutters

Precision Saws

Mounting Presses

Grinders/ Polishers


MSDS Sheets


Hardness Testers

Digital Imaging and Image Analysis

Preparation Accessories

Lab Furniture

Electron Microscopy